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If are contemplating becoming an ES trader, or are currently struggling/undisciplined, I whole-heartedly recommend Trisha Oligivie's e-book course. It is simple, conservative and will produce profits if followed exactly as taught.

In a business where most vendors are selling worthless junk for a high price, she is offering a value service for peanuts. If you are brand new to trading, I'd also recommend you attend her chat room where she teaches while trading her own cash.

Would like to point out that I don't believe she is trying to claim someone can get to millionaire status by trading her set ups or even get rich. I always get the impression that she is trying to show people that they can use what they currently have access to with out buying an expensive system or program, be conservative and take a couple trades a day and end up in the positive. She is not saying that she is making 70% per month or 75% per month what she is saying that out of X number of trades X were winners and X were losers. Giving you a win percentage based on the total number of trades taken.
jim, You seem a little touchy on this subject, just wondering why? I've been in trish's room and she seems to do everything legit. For example, she will say that if you are on SIM, you need to touch the number above yours in order to get an accurate result. She's not trying to impress anyone with bogus results. You seem to stress how people use "shady" results because they are in SIM, but I noticed on your website you stress that you will not say if you are in SIM or not. I dont want to sound negative, because your imput on this board (though i've never posted) has been a great help to me. Just wondering if you had alterior motives for being so openly skeptical?
Originally posted by jatharp12

jim, You seem a little touchy on this subject, just wondering why? I've been in trish's room and she seems to do everything legit. For example, she will say that if you are on SIM, you need to touch the number above yours in order to get an accurate result. She's not trying to impress anyone with bogus results. You seem to stress how people use "shady" results because they are in SIM, but I noticed on your website you stress that you will not say if you are in SIM or not. I dont want to sound negative, because your imput on this board (though i've never posted) has been a great help to me. Just wondering if you had alterior motives for being so openly skeptical?

Am I the jim you are addressing? If so, I'm completely confused. I'm not 'touchy' at all. I'm not sure where you got the idea I said 'people use "shady" results because they are in SIM'??? Can you tell me where you got that? Which post? I have mentioned, at times, the limitations of sim, especially when trading for very small profits, but overall I am a big proponent of sim, as outlined in the article on my website on sim. As far as what I say on my website:

a) I am not posting any results of any kind, ever, on my website, so it is a moot and useless point on sim or not, because there are no results anywhere on the site to discuss. It is an irrelevant point there.

b) If you read the Disclaimers page you'd see I make it very clear anyway.

The website is strictly educational, with zero claims, and no live trading services of any kind whatsoever.

But this has nothing to do with the points I was trying to make, which, apparently, have been missed entirely. Let me spell them out, again, for everyone, in as plain of English as I can.

We have all worked tirelessly in this forum to stop people from making any unsubstantiated claims. Phant (and Monkey Meat) have been leaders in calling people on the line. Post all the results you want, but if you post results, they must be accompanied by statements. Period. End of story. Otherwise it is a completely unsubstantiated claim, and serves no purpose here. This is not my 'rule', this is the consensus of this forum. When I first arrived here, I fought against this. Finally, over time, I came over to the other side, after seeing not only the endless unsubstantiated claims, but the uselessness of unsubstantiated cliams in a forum like this.

So, when Phant posted what are claims for this service, he did so in an unsubstantiated manner. This vendor can send out anything she wants, that's her business and her prerogitave. But she can't post them here without statements, or everyone is going to make an issue of it. That's the unwritten rule of this board. Phant has been a leader of this movement. To an extent, it was his posting that finally pushed me over to that side. So, when he goes ahead and posts unsubstantiated results, it creates a mess. Just because someone has a high reputation or even is a moderator in here, doesn't mean they should have special rules for them. This forum is not enhanced when unsubstantiated claims are presented. When someone like Phant starts a thread for a vendor, and then posts unsubstantiated results, we have an issue here. One of our own, our strongest defender, has broken the rules.

That's why I mentioned he would be the first to jump all over this and shred the person to ribbons if anyone but he himself had done this exact same thing. I was trying to be tactful and not be antagonistic directly to him so as to keep on friendly terms with everyone in here. I make that my policy. I was hoping to get my point across without putting anyone directly on the spot, or creating any confrontation. You've, unfortunately, forced my hand here in order to adequately answer your questions. If the posted results had been 'moderate' I would have let this slide. But we are seeing results that are fantastical, in my opinion. 60%+ per month consistently? Anyone who makes a claim like that absolutely must provide statements, or those claims should be removed from this forum. So, to have our staunchest defender against unsubstantiated claims post fantastical unsubstantiated claims, it should be discussed.

Hey, I don't want to start up any trouble here, I don't want Phant to go off on me and tell me he was just posting those for information because she sent them out, that's all. And as I made perfectly clear in one of my posts: "Keep in mind, I don't know the person this topic is about, I have no stake in the game, and my comments are not directed at this service, they are 'forum' comments." And, I guess I disagree that because this person is only charging $100 all the usual 'rules' shouldn't apply. Many, many of the most bogus vendors I have seen charge $99 for their 'course' or e-book. And some sell thousands of them, and that's not a small amount of money, it's only small per person.

Look, if everyone in here thinks 60% per month is a reasonable consistent rate of return for traders, and that those with a good reputation should be able to post unsubstantiated claims for services, if they are cheap, for that level of performance, I'll just go back to my cave and leave you all to post away. Yes, I know hedge fund trading and trading three mini's are not the same thing, and I know the best traders in here claim that they make way more than 60% a month (notice, though, not one single statement has been produced to substantiate that...), but I think anyone is doing a grave diservice to new traders if they imply that over 700% consistent returns per year is 'doable' for most traders. That's why I try to get people back to earth with more reasonable return expectations.

Yes, Tiger Woods can really hit a golf ball, and MJ was something with air time, but I am not of that otherworldly level. And I don't think most new traders are, either. But they are led to believe, and to some extent in this forum, that if you can 'only make' 700% a year, year after year, you must really suck. And every time I see that, unsubstantiated, I am going to rail against it, or just leave and let those that want the forum to go in that direction have their way. But I am never going to tell new traders that they have a reasonably good chance to make those kinds of returns. If we let this thread stand as is, we have done just that, in my opinion.

Now, go ahead, rip me up if you want, but if I can't speak my mind, I'm of no use to this forum. You get the real me, all of it, or none. Guy gave us all the power to vote a post up or down, let's see what people do with what I've said here. Vote on this post. Tell me if you want me to post what I think, or go away.
i keep reading x % question is.. on what? trading emini futures isnt like stocks where u have to have a certain amount of cash because theres USUALLY no leverage involved. in emini's, u need a minimum of 500$ per contract although people vary between that amount and tens of thousands of dollars in reality.

so then if i made the same in dollar amount as "joe", but i started with 1000$ and he started with $10000, is mine % profit lower? arent any conclusions drawn from that skewed?

That's why I usually discuss two margin levels, one similar to what many in here say they use, and one a bit more conservative. Myself, I tend to be even more conservative than my more conservative example, but if I go any higher many people won't even consider the example at that point. So, I look at rate of return based on the money one would have in the account to make that trade. This amount would cover the 'performance bond' amount (what most call 'margin requirements'), and some cushion to handle drawdowns and such. A person who uses a smaller amount than another is more 'leveraged', and hence has a higher rate of return. In exchange for that they, generally, increase (sometimes substantially) their blowout rate, their 'risk of ruin'.
This e-book sounds interesting. Can someone please provide a link to ti so I can get it? I tried a google search but couldn't find it.
Originally posted by bob304

This e-book sounds interesting. Can someone please provide a link to ti so I can get it? I tried a google search but couldn't find it.

I'm there every day, and I'm profitable on SIM, and enjoying every minute of it.
No, I'm not a shill.
If you wish to sign up, tell her JohnW said Howdy from TX!
I sense there is a fraud in this easyemini trade. For 1 thing, daytrading emini IS NOT EASY. How can a company claim easyeminitrade? According to the U.S gov report, 97% of the people lose trading in the futures market.

Therefore, the words easyeminitrade is a red sign that this company is a fraud and should be reported to the gov
thanks piperan
Okay, here is my take.
For one, I too have been suckered (or scammed) by numerous vendors. Here are the systems that I have bought and my brief take on them:

* ViperTradingStrategies - trades based on breakout methods. they mainly view the 6E/6B/DX charts. If DX goes up or down, the 6E/6B should go the opposite (most times). Expensive monthly fee IMHO for what you get. They do have many webinars (included in fee) throughout the week and saturdays. You can hit the home run by snagging $500-$1000 (1 or 2 contracts), but be aware, you must have the stomach to endure a huge draw down in the midst of the trade or a huge stop out ($200-$300). There are many posts on this system in this forum that has more details. Tried it, done it, not for me. Not learning at all.

* PaintBarFactory - awesome indicators. Thats it, awesome indicators. BUT, there is no real trading plan/system. You just need to use them and do what you want with them. This would be an awesome site if they had a trade room using other indicators such as pivots/ support/resistance/fibs ect, and teach you how to trade with them....expensive indicators (close to $2k), but missing the live learning tutor part on this site. I bought it, now collecting dust.

* Channel-Trading - The moderator is "Huddy." He sounds honest and seems to trade profitable with the market profile charts. But thats it, I think he is new to creating a site and teaching. He doesnt have a set trading plan, or goal or anything. You just sign up for his room ($79.99/mt, not bad at all), but you need to pick his brain on his trading plan. If your new, you will be confused and frustrated. Did it for one month, done, not for me. I will not pay for months and months to figure out his plan. He needs to have some sort of plan or ebook describing what he looks for etc.....

* EminiAddict - Dave Hasley, what can I say, an awesome, honest, helpful trader. He will not call out trades, he teaches his fibs technique. If you ask questions and listen carefully, you will know when he is in a trade or not. He has many video tutorials, webinars, trading plan (the whole works) on his membership site. If you want to learn fibs, this is pretty good for the money. $29.99/month. Pretty good site for the experienced trader. For a newbee, can be rewarding, you just need time to learn the fibs with the intra day and long term charts. No complaints here.

* EotProLive - Moderator is Bill. This is just another expensive black box set of indicators. You just need to take the trade when the indicator pops up. Over $300/mt. In the room, he talks nonsense about life and other topics other than the market it self. He does this because he cant really discuss what set up he is waiting for because its a blackbox set of indicators. He will talk about his cars, lunch, etc, then "okay, here is a trade going long." No rhyme or reason why the trade triggered (cause its all black box). Not for me, waste of money and not learning for your self.

* EminiJunkie - His name is Matt "EJ." Another awesome site. If your a beginner or experienced, you can learn how to trade fibs very easily with "EJ." He is a strong teacher. If you ask a question or comment on something, be prepared and have thick skin if your wrong, he will teach you (set you in your place) the correct way. For $69.99, no complaints. This is my #1 site that I would recommend to my friends. His end or day trading results on youtube are true. If you take every single trading plan trade, your results should be similar to his. What I like about his trading plan and method is that trades are entered and exited on the exact tick that is known ahead of time. In the room, you then learn how to trade with filters and dont have to take every single trading plan trade if you dont want. This is where the learning begins. eminijunkie is worth the monthly fee for his teaching on fibs.

* easyeminitrade - I just bought the eBook, couldnt resist with all the positive feedback on the net and it only costs $49.99 one time. And these are not blackbox indicators. She uses the same indicators that are avail on most platforms. I just got it 2 days ago and traded in sim on friday. so far so good. Trisha has replied to all my emails in a timely fashion and her recorded webinars does teach you how to use her system. Seems like a safe system to use. I will join her free 3-day trial trading room starting monday. If I choose to continue, I think she charges $100/mt. Her live room is monday thru thursday (no fridays). I will let you know my feelings on her trade room next week. I am thinking it will be all good per all the positive feedback here on this forum, wish me luck.

--> I have been searching for a long time on a live trading room/system that I am comfortable with and can learn as well. I need a system that trades not on a set of blackbox indicators. Why? think about this, what if that black box vendor falls off the face of earth, then what are you going to do? you then start from scratch and re-learn some other system. This is not the way to go. EminiAddict, EminiJunkie, and EasyEminiTrade trades based on common principles and indicators. Once you really learn to trade with these, you can trade on your own and not have to rely on the vendor hoping they stay in business forever.

Hope this helps everyone, just trying to give back, because I have been through it all, blown my account with scam vendors. Now I have finally found a few sites that are worth paying for. With these few sites, you can eventually trade on your own and not have to depend of some secret indicator and hoping that the vendor will be there tomorrow.

And no, I am not affiliated with any of these sites I wrote about. I know this is my first posting, but I needed to start somewhere...later....

Originally posted by hangten1

[quote]Originally posted by MassiveCashTeam

Great request, but I don't think there is an educator/vendor that does provide documented results but one. And this trading room, is not for me per the reasons I stated in my original post about my experience with a few trading rooms.

This is EOTProLive, when in the live trading room, upon request, he immediately shows several NinjaTrader performance profit graphs (daily, weekly, monthly etc). He is not shy in pointing out his daily/weekly losses. Overall, he (Bill) is profitable with his black box indicators. The reason why I dont like this room, is just that, blackbox subscription indicators . What if I am successful in his room, and I quit my day job. Then I'm making a living solely in his trading room. Then what happens if Bill and EOTProLive goes away? out of business? or he decides to shut it down? then what am I left with? I'm left with no day job, no EOTProLive and no blackbox indicators? I'll be living on the streets. Thats my main concern.....

I've read your posts - you have subscribed to every trading service on the internet and rarely spend more than a month with each one...I'd worry more about your lack of committment than I would about what happens after you quit your day job. In fact, don't ever quit your day job.
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