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ES S/R Map for 11-9-09

Here's what I've got for price action S/R levels coming into Monday. Viewed multiple time-frame charts but have this drawn on the 60 minute. As always, each price is a "zone" with a few ticks above and below as the "area." Have an actual "zone" drawn in that is WIDE from the 1069-1072 area where both individual prices are pretty solid but feel this will function as a zone. Obviously I prefer something no more than a couple ticks or so to each side of the line/price I've drawn in. But in this case (and based on others analysis) I think it appropriate to present it that way on the chart fwiw.

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As always, encourage all to post any feedback and analysis!
some may notice that no minus 4 has hit lately...providing the astute trader with some feedback

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Monday 9 Nov 2009
This process will take time. I would be careful about being too aggressive on the short side too early today.

This narrow IB should breakout to the upside and trigger the bigs in long. 1089 is the absolute minimum upside target for today.
Joined you short at 80.00 Bruce but would really have like to see this roll over or have come further off this 81 area more quickly ... small position, tight stop ... anticipate that a retest if the high will be more than a retest if it attempts it ... 1min $TICK had begun to show some weaknes and had this as a signif resistance area ... we'll see
scratched the trade ... where'd the volume go??? ... gonna watch ... don't have a decent feel for price right now
added at hour break at 81.75....
$tick and volume diverge but not convinced it's enough to take me back to the 77-78 area.."air" pocket at 78.75 which let the breakout boys earn some cash
this has to break and soon as th etime is ending for them to run it out and then back to the open print..I'd settle tof that 78 first

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final add at 83.75......that's the plus 8 - 10 in my world..lack of negative $ticks still a big concern...hopefully that volume was the weekly shake out number
so far today no 30 minute bar has traded below the low of any other bar..haven't seen that in a while
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