Guidelines for Posting

Here are some guidelines that one of the forum members helped me put together. Some of you who have been around for a while are already familiar with them but it doesn't hurt to re-iterate them.
  1. No posting off-topic to a thread's initial topic/question. This is called Thread-Jacking. If you do so, you run the risk of your posts being deleted. If you have something off-topic that you want to say then start a new topic and link to it from the original topic.
  2. No yelling at anyone. Examples are lots of exclamation points ....!!!! and especially if you POST IN ALL CAPS.
  3. No intimidation. The board must stay as a friendly and welcome place to make a post, ask a question or express an investment view without worry of ridicule or angry replies.
  4. If you have nothing nice, positive or helpful to say then just don't post. The golden rule governs here. How would you feel if you were the author and received a reply post like that? Remember there is no one forcing you to reply to everything (other than your own ego). If you don't like the thread - move along.
  5. "Hot" discussions, heated or personal replies are best done via Personal Message. Click on the member's name or avatar and if the member is allowing PM's there will be a link there to send the member a PM.
99.9% of the time this forum runs well and we have quality discussions and a great group of traders gathering here to help each other. Everyday this gets better and better so we must be doing something right.
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