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ES 12-18-09

Man , the moon, cycles and now options expiration day! It never gets any im sort of expecting a decent pop up on the open and a quick reversal, but time will tell!. waiting to see if that 1105.75 gets it.
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Right idea, wrong price!..order cancelled and watching
What the heck..i'll try it anyway!
Long one at 1095.25
Dead nuts strike of that 1095.00 projection!... dam powerful stuff!
wow...just bailed at 1098.75 on that pop cause i frak on those kind of moves .. was going to leave at 98 (the projection but as it began to pop thru it (1100-1101?) i just pulled the trigger.. 3.5 on that trade... nice start
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Now if those sob's take it down to 1093.00 i'll buy it again!...still one only tho.
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By the way that was a great purchase at 90, I couldnt pull the trigger, kept seeing 7.25 in my charts
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