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ES 12-18-09

Man , the moon, cycles and now options expiration day! It never gets any im sort of expecting a decent pop up on the open and a quick reversal, but time will tell!. waiting to see if that 1105.75 gets it.
Hi Kool your last 13 min projection is one of the few i cant seem to reconcile
Originally posted by rburns

Hi Kool your last 13 min projection is one of the few i cant seem to reconcile
Actually it was supposed to be from the 1088.75 retest low to what i felt was the first'pause' at he top of that green bar at 1093.75 but i was hurried too much (trying to manage trades and post and draw charts at the same time is a bitch!). anyway i slipped a little as you can see. the correct number would of course be 1096.75. Sorry bout any inconvienience, and thx a bunch!... good eyes!
Hey Rburns, whatya think ,should we be scalp buyers here at the 1094.00 proj or hope for further decline to that 1092.50-75 area?
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I was bidding 4.25 but no fill.. now scared about witching expiration and I maybe done for the day
SAME HER E,FRIEND , IM READY FOR THE WEEKEND! All in all, not a bad day for me. actually ,ive called this market pretty well for a few weeks now. Im looking for the usual up monday, but after that it gets a little iffy! See every one Mon morning!
By the way that was a great purchase at 90, I couldnt pull the trigger, kept seeing 7.25 in my charts
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