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ES 12-21-09

HMM , Got home late from work. Looks like that 1101.50 projection, was only good for 3.5 handles . next stop is 1105.00-1105.75. also note the 1109.50 resistance....getting some sleep, later!
Chickening out at 1109.50... out at
Sheese.. out at 1109.75..just to nervous.. the reason is that 1109.25 was firstbare minimum area it had to go to before a decent rebound.. Any way plus 1.25 on each es..up 2.5 on the day
Also freaking me was on the 5 min chart, the white (54) ema is at 1109.36
Now if it continues lower 'ill likely try a scalp at 1108.00 or lower to 1107
I also had 9.25 on 3 charts. Where will you try a short again Mr Lucky Kool
Originally posted by rburns

I also had 9.25 on 3 charts. Where will you try a short again Mr Lucky Kool...

Click image for original size
Click image for original size
My 13 min and 120 min show 6.5
my 30 min shows 7 for a purchase
Yeah my 30 has 1107 also (thats why i was targeting 1107-1108 originally. above is my 13 min...i may be being too consevative..well see. the 13 min 15ema is at 1110.00 and on the 5 min my white avg 1109.50 ..thats why the lag here
On the bigger picture, remember my 120 min had 1188.50 as a wave 2 low! that means this is a wave 3 and should top today or tomorrow ,then wave4 into an expected low wed? who knows but it should be fun!

BINGO!aBANDON SHIP AT 1109.25..PLUS ONE HANDLE, BUT UP 3.5 O/N THE DAY AND SATISFIED.. just got up too late today.. see ya!
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