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ES 12-21-09

HMM , Got home late from work. Looks like that 1101.50 projection, was only good for 3.5 handles . next stop is 1105.00-1105.75. also note the 1109.50 resistance....getting some sleep, later!
1 way of looking at it...iv could turn complex if they need more time and/or price.
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es 10946v12 21 09
agree 100% VO!...If 3 has ended already.. but i suspect we could still see higher today or especially tomorrow!
[email protected]#$ one ticked so far at an attempt short at 1111.75.. (one only tho!)
hmmmm. This could be interesting .. would basically go side ways to down the rest of the day, lending more credence that the daily high is in... but we'll see...
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Rburns, if youre watching the way i use(interpet) which set of projections to use i think the next decline, after it starts will provide projections which would show which set to favor...
Thats if of course we decline again.. its the 'secondary top ' and should provide a clue.
See?..still ongoing but so far (1111.50to 1110.25= 1108.50)etc
I follow you. I have a chart to post but am unshure how. Can you or VO help?
first make sure its saved to your documents, then click reply to topic, then click upload and then click browser the chart by highlighting and clicking open then hit click up load .. the code will appear in the dialoge box.. click post your reply..
see the white avg(54ema) on the 5 min chart above? its now at 1109.75..crucial support very short term
BINGO!aBANDON SHIP AT 1109.25..PLUS ONE HANDLE, BUT UP 3.5 O/N THE DAY AND SATISFIED.. just got up too late today.. see ya!
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