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ES 12-21-09

HMM , Got home late from work. Looks like that 1101.50 projection, was only good for 3.5 handles . next stop is 1105.00-1105.75. also note the 1109.50 resistance....getting some sleep, later!
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SELLING 1111.00
GM MR Kool
Morning sir!... man was my 'forecast deadly accurate ,or what!.....
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Im looking to sell 12, but your instincts are really good but I couldnt come up with 11
Thats really all it is Rburns! Instinct! I havent even had a chance to study the charts much, but it looked like because of the neg divergencies shown on the above charts that a little mini top is in! . therefore i sold ... didnt really matter where, because my stop (1113.50) will protect me up to new daily highs , anyway! Short from 1111.00....
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ok I see 11 on the 1 min
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Note on the above chart also the vertical lines showing a cycle im tracking? , should be a low around 2:20-2:30 timezone.
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BINGO!aBANDON SHIP AT 1109.25..PLUS ONE HANDLE, BUT UP 3.5 O/N THE DAY AND SATISFIED.. just got up too late today.. see ya!
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