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ES Short Term Trading for 4-28-10

Here's some Monkey Price Action S/R levels after reviewing multiple time frames on the ES. I've got them on an Hourly bar chart with Red as significant and Magenta as semi-significant. The levels are based on my chart reading of price action that I've described in other topics/threads. The Cyan dashed lines are the weekly standard pivot price levels.

Looking for any and all feedback, as usual, coming into Wednesday's trading session!

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Need to wait about 15 minutes after announcement
Non event lol
gap at 89 even..they're gonna run those highs out without me..gotta find the long...%&^$!!
I wouldnt mine going short at 96.75
stops geared at 86.25..I'd like to get those...I missed that long....
I'm hoping they go get thos estops waiting below 86.25....89.50 is still the price they're playing with..short 90.25
wow Ib data is messed up now....just horrible
flat 89.25...
I want no part of this Im just going to watch until the last 15 min of day
I'm trying above 90 for the 86.25 run out
Nice call on the push up Rich...I prefer my O/N trades in the I didn't re-sell....I don't use hard stops...I'm looking to the profile for direction or exits when I'm wrong
Originally posted by richd8980

Bruce you are looking to go short overnite at 90.50 what is your profit/loss set at? I like the 93.50 area as better resistance when the European session opens at 2 am there is usually a push up.
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