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ES Short Term Trading for 4-28-10

Here's some Monkey Price Action S/R levels after reviewing multiple time frames on the ES. I've got them on an Hourly bar chart with Red as significant and Magenta as semi-significant. The levels are based on my chart reading of price action that I've described in other topics/threads. The Cyan dashed lines are the weekly standard pivot price levels.

Looking for any and all feedback, as usual, coming into Wednesday's trading session!

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Thanks Rich..I exited all at 84.50......Hopefully it will push higher before it trades down into the Midpoint so we can short again
Originally posted by richd8980

Good call Bruce on the 87.50 level hit it and now backing off
To save on typing and to hopefully explain what I look at more clearly I'm going to use the following when explaining areas/trades...

HTP - (High Time Price) - This would be the same as the POC in market profile but I don't want anyone to think that they need MP for this. . The longest lines of the Price Distribution chart and since tranactions happened there frequently prices are deemed to be most "Fair"....some will fade price above it or buy price when we are below the HTP.

LTP - (Low Time Price) - This is almost like single prints but these show up better and the Pirce Distribution shows these as the smallest lines .These are unfair prices and not much time has been spent transacting there. These get filled in. See the price overlap thread for more info if needed.

HVP - High Volume Pice - This is Vertical volume that most watch and can be found at the lower end of most peoples charts. Big moves happen from volume so we need to be aware of it.

New O/N highs so lets try to find some shorts...
Current HTP is 83.50..near midpoint..go get em
starting agian at 89.25
I think we have a lot of folks looking at that 83 area...Big contract is closed so Midpoint is at 83 area too...HTP there from O/N too....1/2 gap fill players...but not ruling out the shake out up first...Fed day today so anything can happen early on....worst thing would be the gap and go grind UP!!
LTP at 84.75 is my first target......

Hey MM if you're here...I really enjoyed that Monkey picture on the dog...while I think of it
1/2 gap fillers have that 83.50 in site...BORING!!
GM! Gents. I have 1195.00 as a magnet. with 1.618% and Mid Point. plus 50% from yesterday's range.
Nice call on the push up Rich...I prefer my O/N trades in the I didn't re-sell....I don't use hard stops...I'm looking to the profile for direction or exits when I'm wrong
Originally posted by richd8980

Bruce you are looking to go short overnite at 90.50 what is your profit/loss set at? I like the 93.50 area as better resistance when the European session opens at 2 am there is usually a push up.
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