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08:35:04 BUY_LIMIT 1184.50
10:06:43 SELL_LIMIT 1188.50
Good call AK1 I still have a hard time understanding your method however I like your imput and hope to learn more from you
Thanks, all is said that "Monday Morning Sickness" is a disease of horses that is communicable to Bears on Mondays. The bears are a bit rusty on mondays and wait for action. This oppertunity is taken by the bulls for one initial push.
I am curious about how to interpret the "golden candle"

Today for example the golden candle (9:35 est) broke to the upside and closed near it's high. What is that telling you to do ?
Go short pt emini
Here is today's day. The golden candle works well then you trade it in the direction of the Open.

Click image for original size
AK's Golden Candle Chart 2
Long at 1181
Going long at 1177
Market should retrace to 1190 around 10 :00 est
Am flat lost 4 pts in first long and made 4 pts in 2nd long
Hope 1155 sticks or the decline may be for another 7-10 pts

4th post in this link gives a further explanation
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