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ES short term trading 5-10-10

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maybe some Citigroup trader accidentally entered a $16 Billion buy order instead of a $16Million buy order ?
started small shorts at 57.50 print...hope I'm not too early...they blew through that 51.50 just too easy and is ripe for a retest....volume magnets as was the 59 number..

Keys up here

1170...where it really all began last week!!



Nice short Kool!!
Helicopter Ben is bailing out the EU, and the EU is providing a $1 Trillion bailout pkg to buying as much gov't debt of the PIIGS as is needed.

Never short Helicopter Ben. At least not over the weekend.
nobody it seems traded that 51.25 number...YET !!! but we will and soon I hope...

Look at the key volume from page one and then look at the volume spikes in the O/N so we can confirm that traders are using and watching the areas..the olny new one from O/N is 47.50
thi is classic stuff....everyone trying to fade and when they exit they just add to the buying me at take the loss

Crappy high so I'm going to assume that they will run the 62.'s
short at 61.50 again...the obvious 70 is the magnet for those pushing it up...

the quick and the dead today!!
took 58.25 to make up for earlier loss..trying to hold two...for 55.50 and 51.25

edit : 55.50 is HV O/N...51.25 is LV ON
what's up with that 10650 volume on the YM...hopefully not a data issue and hopefully a strong magnet

61.50 will take out these two runners if wrong on selloff
node just switched so 59 is now HVP in O/N which goes well with one of our magnet prices
took one off at 53.75 and last contract is trying for 51.50

FWIW : where is the split number ? 62.50 !!!
clearing chart off my is why I thought that 650 YM was a magnet....LOOK at that volume in O/N......that test became the RTH low on Monday.....and they are jerking it around there in current overnight for Tuesday..

Originally posted by BruceM

what's up with that 10650 volume on the YM...hopefully not a data issue and hopefully a strong magnet

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