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ES short term trading 5-10-10

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anyone else having $tick data problems today?
this is the third time the YM is breaking it's O/N highs..perhaps the 3rd time is a charm but I'm still trying the sells..

53 - is still the magnet price and of course the 59's gotta keep a lid on rallies.... day
I think we may get a pause at 1160.50-1160.75 on the way to 1169-70
IB has no tick data on my 2 platforms
Zen fire is a much better feed for the ES.
Triples at 53.25 lows , we are stuck insid eth ehour and volume is again symetric...just couldn't go long with that there IB (symbol Tick-nyse) started at 11 am today for some reason..
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Originally posted by BruceM

anyone else having $tick data problems today?

My IB tick data not really working today....
Also, I think there are enough participants who will front run the 1107.5 gap fill such that I don't think that gap should EVER fill, and if it does, it's actually a bearish sign (sellers in control in order to drive the whole mkt down 50pts), esp. if we gap up tomorrow.

Just checking in, seeing that we are having yet another last minute melt-up to conform to Mutual Fund Monday (opening price was 1153) Market outwaited a lot of longs today.
IVE BEEN EXPERIMENTING LATELY WITH SOMETHING INTERESTING ..the one min chart and prc (regression bands) . Its neat because it gives signals all day long for little scalps and so far is doing very well! more later...
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prc trading
clearing chart off my is why I thought that 650 YM was a magnet....LOOK at that volume in O/N......that test became the RTH low on Monday.....and they are jerking it around there in current overnight for Tuesday..

Originally posted by BruceM

what's up with that 10650 volume on the YM...hopefully not a data issue and hopefully a strong magnet

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