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ES short term trading 5-20-10

Here is how we shaped up today....we broke below the lows of the composite but then consolidated right at that key low.....seems like tomorrow or O/N will be a deciding factor of direction for this market. A person who was selling this breakdown at the 1112.50 area would not want to see a close like we had today so my bias would be back towards the upside.
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they are vicious in careful...!
I can't take this chop...
I'm done for the day down 2.5 points

good trading to all

in case there are people out there who didn't do the math (I can't believe this will come in), BUT,

Open versus Low for today comes in at 1068.35 (that is the 5 day average of Low versus the open of the RTH)

made a mistake on my losses, were actually 4.5 points.

I might check back in later.

good trading to all (it couldn't hurt)
anyone with me on the 75 long??
I took 1075.75 long for 2 points scalp. Nice Bruce. Awesome
grabbed 79..runners want full air fill..
one off at 81.25...test of 85.75 - 86 fills all air on the day...three contracts left
Originally posted by BruceM

I've seen lots of posts over the years about computer driven trade and "Bots" do you folks "see" that these moves are computer driven etc.....I never could understand it

I've always just kept quiet about the fact that I could never see it because I didn't want to appear dumb.
one off 83.25...two good stop now
Originally posted by feng456

I followed my plan.

Good work!
Kool nice prediction you nailed it, man u are good
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