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ES short term trading 5-20-10

Here is how we shaped up today....we broke below the lows of the composite but then consolidated right at that key low.....seems like tomorrow or O/N will be a deciding factor of direction for this market. A person who was selling this breakdown at the 1112.50 area would not want to see a close like we had today so my bias would be back towards the upside.
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that would be a full target for them...yesterday they got half of that so that was half the weekly we subtract 12.50 from the Tuesday low...projected below a first target....

always good to have lots of folks lining up at prices..

Secondary target for runners now if real lucky will be those stops and air up at 97.50....obviously a long way off
I've seen lots of posts over the years about computer driven trade and "Bots" do you folks "see" that these moves are computer driven etc.....I never could understand it

Hey Paul...if I use my mind I can almost see three pushes down in the overnight...and they have been big pushes.....
my plan is to look for buys below 87.50 if given the opportunity again...I think that is a good stretch point
I think we have a good chance of hitting 94.75 in RTH if not sooner...

real point : 87.50 is a split number too..nuff said about that number
Hey Paul...if I use my mind I can almost see three pushes down in the overnight...and they have been big pushes.....

Hey, Bruce, you can borrow my mind, I'm not using it. LOL

Yeah, I can see 3 pushes. (much BIGGER than the 3 pushes I was counting before 1105 broke!).

....1098 totally duable

regardless of the excuses/explanations as to the reason for an abnormally out of range spike in price (1056 Low on 5/6)... One thing that amazes that it seems ALL bizarre price spikes get re-visited.

seriously. I don't know whether it will be today (sort of doubt it will happen today, but... whatever I just expect it to happen... sometime.
agree Paul that is a strange market truth...I'd be surprised to see that today too....

Hoping for a first flush down to buy into in RTh....
5 day average of H versus Open is 4.95 (take open and add 4.95 to it)

5 day average of Low versus Open is 20.40 (Take open and subtract 20.40 from it)

Since so much dmage has been done in the AH, I doubt the 5 day average of L versus Open will be hit.
I followed my plan.
My bias to short on 1097 - 1098 area.
lots of tests of my 87.50...hopefully we are now clear for take leastto 95 target
Kool nice prediction you nailed it, man u are good
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