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Es short term trading 6-09-10

If we can hold back any decline into 52.50 then we have a chance at seeing 84.50 and soon..we have lots of numbers there as of this writing.

Above yesterdays high and RAT we need to get past that 68.50 and 70. We naturally be a break out of the Monday - Tuesday Range.To go get 84.

The R1 and R2 levels match up with the RATs so those become more important. You can see how we consolidated at 75 - 76 so be careful there. Just because we think we are on track to go get that 84 volume area doesn't mean it will be easy.

Quick summary so far

61 - 63 Rat and O/N high so far

56 Rat and that key spike bars low..and Weekly MIDPOINT ******

50 - 52 Rat , VPOC amd POC from Tuesdays range

We have two shelves of support so watching what happens if we get down into the 50 - 56.25 RAT will be critical..

If we get down belwo 44 then we may decline to 38 realy quick. I'm hoping we don't see that today.

Wednesday is a good day for Gap fills..

30 and 15 minute charts made a higher low so that is a good sign.
well it's a good morale booster to see us no the same side Bruce.
as long as $ticks don'tr rally we should be good to go feng....need to se what the first 15 minutes can do..we know they will go for 75 or 62.50....ticks still weak
cool feng..congrats.....the challenge up here is that we know they push out the range of a Monday Tues range over 90 is it smart to expect them to go above 70 or below Tuesday's nimble or u may lose $$$$!!!
took two p[oints and runners stopped.....I want to see trade over 70 before this rolls over down
uh im shorting from 67.25...what were you congratulating me on?
divergence in ym es and tick
short 1067.75, stop 1069 (major resistance)

target gap fill 1059, but if it can't even get down to 1063, i'm out
going light on 67.50 I expect it to go above 70 to satisfy Probabilities...but when??
Originally posted by phileo

short 1067.75, stop 1069 (major resistance)

target gap fill 1059, but if it can't even get down to 1063, i'm out

out 1066, +1.75pts this time
Ok I'm out folks. Good luck on all your shorts rest of ya.
Longer term players might want to refer back to the weekend preview and calendar... cycle high today ,working lower into the 14th.. DONT FORGET TOMORROW IS ROLLOVER DAY!...C YA!
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