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Es short term trading 6-14-10

set to gap up into key general I have a short overal bias for today
what do you have for you DAR?

max range = 15.5?
min range = 12.5?

and would you be looking at the 1096.25 high or something from the RTH session today?
I have 19.5 and 15.5 for min and max 3 dars.....I onlyuse RTH range for calculations
and use the Rats with your 1100 or 1087.50 will print...still short bias for me
s 94.5 looking for 92.5
bailed at 93
short 96.75..light as we may need to add on.....what is with $ticks......doesn't seem strong for this gap up
was short 2 at 96.5 covered at 95.25 and 95.5... bruce what are looking for from your short?
c'mon fellas go for those hour lows first today
first was air and open print...
short at 95.75
Originally posted by BruceM

I trade mostly by the shape of the profile and what I expect to fixed stops aren't for me either. How about studying how often we penetrate consecutive RATs without retracing RATS...

In other words, How often do we rally 5 or 6 Rats in a row before we retrace 2 RATS....? Perhaps an idea for further reseacrh...Look at the 25 point increments...We've rallied form roughly the 1050 RAT to the 1100 RAT...will we trade a third Major RAT before we retrace one RAT back to 75..? I don't know but I'm throwing out the concept..

I'm rambling....Feng...will you risk One RAT to make two rats...will you sell the 93.75 to get it down to 81.25 and risk trade back to 1100 RAt...risk one RAT to make two rats...? How often will you be right....How about the HOUR closes..probably more powerful then the 30 minute..?

If I had the time I'd teach you my concept of trennd changes but it would take time that I don't have right now...

Summers coming and air pockets will start to get filled in even more so that concept of risking 10points or 3 times the size of the air pocket may offer good results...

Lets catch up again on this...tell me your basic premise with your method when u have time
Originally posted by feng456

Bruce I'm trying to build my trading around your rat levels and your DAR projections. The main problem I'm having is where to put my stops.

i.e. i went short at 93.75 RAT expecting 85 before close, where should I put my stop?

Got any ideas on how I can figure that out? I don't want to set a definite arbitrary number unless I have to.

To simplify all that, basically find whatever works...

but i don wanna! *whiney voice
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