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ES Short Term Trading 6-18-10

giant 12 point consolidation....1113 - 1101 ..key between at 1106.50...other is 1117 - 1118.75 and 1125..selling rallies today
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we can use the O/N low as target as double bot there.....then we need to see if they can hold below that for further into our 1106.25
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Lng 10.75...seems like crappy highs need to be tested now that O/N low is holding
tk 3 off at 12.50 ...u know what that is....trying for new highs and O/N highs....stops geared toward 13.25..they SHOULD RUN THAT
they are now gonna run that 13 - 13.25 ... market should have some better trades...lets get some volume..they are trying to front run the hour is 14.25 ...have two left...c'mon 1117...may be the fake to drop it...
only one RAT so far so trade below 12.50 gets us to start thinking about that the long side may be wrong and they want 1106.25
so ya all saw the run of that triple to new highs today I hope..took one more at 15.75...I have a feeling they may give us our air pocket and I don't want to be long against that today
last off at 16.25 ..air pockets forming and I think they will retest the high of that triple from this upside push..In other words I think this is a fake out right now
That was also the globex low at 6:00am i think, a natural 'magnet'. i thought we might see boring mish mash today, ending up sideways... and the june es finished unchanged!..Look for downside action next week,imho! c ya!
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