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ES Short Term Trading 6-18-10

giant 12 point consolidation....1113 - 1101 ..key between at 1106.50...other is 1117 - 1118.75 and 1125..selling rallies today
those folks with stops at 13.75 are gonna get taken out of their long side trade by ME!!
s 15.75..for 13.75 and 12.50
somne use 90 minutes for an IB in the S&P...just a hint!!Personally I'm not sure which is better
$icks seem to forming a "ringed" high..which would go good with our short idea...the $ticks fool me a lot though ..I'll be cautious at new highs now if we break th e90 m inute high
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double top on 5 minute highs...certainly not a great high so we need to be cautious on this 30 minute bars are trying to form mathcing highs too!!
COVERED HALF AT 1114.75 (2 ES) STOP TO B.E. EXIT LAST 2 AT 1113.75
Cmon boyz! more tick!!!!
Bingo... out at 1113.75 ... is 1

111.50 next?
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That was also the globex low at 6:00am i think, a natural 'magnet'. i thought we might see boring mish mash today, ending up sideways... and the june es finished unchanged!..Look for downside action next week,imho! c ya!
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