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Hey traders,
mikogo is a great tool to share information, it basically is to share screens.

and the best part is that it is free.

I'm sure you are going to like it.

Interesting. How have you been using it with your trading? Are you sharing your charts with other traders?
hey, I forgot to metion that it is just to share screens, no sound, but for that I use skype, so I can be sharing something by mikogo with a friend and talking by skype.
yes I'm sharing my charts with others traders. is it very helpfull.
if I'm sharing my screen with you you can point into my screen with you mouse. or better if I allow you you can control my computer.

I use like that when some friend s helping me to install some software.

Can three or more people connect at once?
For example if you are showing your screen can two fellow traders both see it at the same time?

yes, I have share my screen with up to 5 people at the time.
Originally posted by blue


Can three or more people connect at once?
For example if you are showing your screen can two fellow traders both see it at the same time?

Install the extras, then you will have Skype and Mikogo in one place.
yes, mikogo can support up to 25 user at one time...thankyou.
VO introduced me to Mikogo last summer. It does a nice job with basic chart sharing. A couple drawbacks I noticed, was the lack of voice integration, and also that each user must install the Mikogo app in order to see my charts. Also, I found the dynamic session id a bit cumbersome to manage with a group of users.

Recently, I played around with something called Live Stream that overcomes those limitations. Anyone with a web-browser can watch my screen live, no apps or dynamic session id's to worry about. Also, Live Stream allows me to select the exact part of my desktop screen that I want to broadcast, and I can move the broadcast window around on my screen or adjust the size of the window on the fly. The problem with Live Stream is it tends to be a bit laggy and has intermittent ad's, both of which are problematic for live trading.

Have you tried skype?

You can share your screen with another person while talking with them.

I have a very old machine (with only 768mb memory) and I was running IB software and Ninja software while screen sharing. It lagged screenwise (not voice) a little but I think it is my old machine and the other aps I'm running concurrently.

Perhaps some else can try it an see if they find a lag and report back to the forum?
If someone needs to test the skpye screen sharing I would be pleased to assist if needed. They could PM me a couple of days in advance and I arrange to be running skype when they need to test it.
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