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Hey traders,
mikogo is a great tool to share information, it basically is to share screens.

and the best part is that it is free.

I'm sure you are going to like it.

I use Skype every now and then and didn't even realize that they've added screen sharing to it. Very cool - thanks for the heads up on that one Blue!
Originally posted by blue


Have you tried skype?

You can share your screen with another person while talking with them.

I have a very old machine (with only 768mb memory) and I was running IB software and Ninja software while screen sharing. It lagged screenwise (not voice) a little but I think it is my old machine and the other aps I'm running concurrently.

Perhaps some else can try it an see if they find a lag and report back to the forum?

Blue - Yes I have used the skype screen sharing feature, it was pretty nice and useful. The problem is, it stopped working after about 6 weeks and has never worked since. I tried re-installing skype several times and still cannot get the screen sharing feature to work... While using it, I had no lag issues at all.
Thanks DT & PT emini

That it worked for 6 weeks and stopped working is intriguing.

When you re-installed did you simply re-install on top of the non-functioning software or did you remove the software first (settings, control panel, Add/remove software)?
If someone needs to test the skpye screen sharing I would be pleased to assist if needed. They could PM me a couple of days in advance and I arrange to be running skype when they need to test it.
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