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ES short term trading 6-25-10

Here's the chart of what I'm seeing:

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Here are the numbers I will be watching for potential trades:

1065.5 - 1066.5: Yesterday's Lo and O/N Lo
1069.5-70.5: Yesterday's VPOC and close
1075-76: daily PP, O/N hi, and POC
1079-1081: that hugh composite HVN, prior daily hi, and yesterday's swing hi

O/N action has been consolidating sideways, no bias, and trying to build a base around yesterday's close. Price is currently below yesterday's value area, which suggests looking for shorts near 1075. However, with 4 days of selling, we are overdue for a bounce. I will be looking for a rally in the afternoon.
Ok, theres your air fill, as promised, now do they hold it here(1073 and change)

or dip a bit lower
whoop ,there it is!... my order was at 1072.00 ...hit no no freakin fill!....yet
....too bad ,that was a sure thing 1.5 handles,or more!
that really irritates me.... one min chart is hinting at 1075.50-75, basically Bruces rat (sounds like a pet ,doesn't it!)?
there it is...sigh...thats it for me folks... Everyone have a great weekend....
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