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ES short term trading 7-1-10

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adding under 14.25 prints to long side
stopped at 11.75...trying again from 09.25...need 12.50 and 14.25 to make good on last loss
24 points is half the Mon - tuesday range subtracted from the tuesday low is 1106 that is secondary support now that spike projection failed...lots of air above...first is 13....!!
major at 22.50 !!!! way up there.....
agressive to get 13.75 to print!!
hopefully nobody is gonna come back and say "man, that was easy , I've been short all morning"""......ok to do if you have specific entry for us and can do that consistently....but after fact posts need good explainations...
going lonbg aagin at 07.50
Started small long 109.25
target 1012.5 or breakeven
something interesting that i noticed.
3 times i observed price move up from 1007 even while TICK was dropping below -900. That is a significant +ve divergence, indicating buyers are willing to absorb supply at that level.
Most won't proably believe this but I added at 06.25 not only was it a key projection but a RAT!!!!! I had 8 working and just covered 5 at 1113.50......holding 3 !!! Cool day today!!
Thanks Nigel, I missed that from the chart:

last post, going to keep trading not posting... no one pays it much mind anyway! good luck gang!

@koolblue - you have plenty of silent followers. Keep posting!

Also, look at your reputation on the Members List - as I type this you are the second most voted for trader on this site which means that other traders here think that what you are posting is high quality.