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ES short term trading 7-1-10

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Question for you Kool.

Any specific reason you divide the move into 8ths and no other number?
we are gonna open in the spike....17 point spike.....1020.50 is POC of O/N volume...

I expect two sided trade insid ethis spike which should be good for fades today.......REPORTS at 10 so if ya don't have runners then be careful ( really a note to self)

Single prints into I'm using 32 - 24 as a key area on upside besides the spike high and low!!
hoping for the rally above 27.50 on a first push up to sell...air pockets prefered
small short on at 26 ..trying for 23.50...will add on the pop up with air
starting RTH shorts at 29.25...air below
the opening drop away from O/N lows found buyers at YDay's gap fill (1024.5). Now it is challenging yesterday's swing hi (1029).

A break above that opens the door for a rally to 1036.
Note we've had bullish response to the bad ADP numbers preMkt. PreMkt bias turned +ve after that drop on the ADP numbers. I think we should see a break above 1029 some time today.
Bruce do you consider the air filled at 26.50 or 26.25
trying to hold two for the 20.50 area......risky in front of reports but these are runners...they swing it back up to 29.25 and they will get stopped

looking to take one off at 23.75 and one at 20.50......pure gambling with report coming
do you pay any attention to the Low Range bars in the O/N?

5 day average of H vs Open comes in today at 1030.45
on my data it was 27 as that is the space between the second bars close and the first bars the high of the first bar retouch fills the air pocket in
Originally posted by sjzeno

Bruce doyou consider the air filled at 26.50 or 26.25
Thanks Nigel, I missed that from the chart:

last post, going to keep trading not posting... no one pays it much mind anyway! good luck gang!

@koolblue - you have plenty of silent followers. Keep posting!

Also, look at your reputation on the Members List - as I type this you are the second most voted for trader on this site which means that other traders here think that what you are posting is high quality.
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