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ES short term trading 7-1-10

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one left for 20.50...that is POC of volume on my data in ON
stop lowered to 27.50 on last in case report shakes it up
flat 20.25...lucky on that!!
starting samll long at 17 even......may be early...want 20 even....then 23.75...
2nd target 22.50..not 23.75...big air pocket they will fill at least part of it if not all...the 20.50 is POV volume of O/N again!!
unners stopped at 17.50...going long aagin 15 even...u see new air above ?
new $tick lows for long trade!!
best is 17.25 and trying to hold...where did spike range prohection come in..? answer 12 - 13 area...12.50 a RAT!!
next target is 20.50!! if this low holds
can't add..official spike range is 15.5 so subtract that from the 29.75 high...!
Thanks Nigel, I missed that from the chart:

last post, going to keep trading not posting... no one pays it much mind anyway! good luck gang!

@koolblue - you have plenty of silent followers. Keep posting!

Also, look at your reputation on the Members List - as I type this you are the second most voted for trader on this site which means that other traders here think that what you are posting is high quality.
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