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ES short term trading 7-1-10

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think i got 2 ticked?....
Originally posted by phileo

Testing 1017 right about now (S1=1016.75), but 1012 needs to hold in order for this rally to continue.

bonds are testing a prior support level, and the Euro is consolidating at the top end of a significant resistance zone (it actually rallied while ES was selling off), so things are looking good so far for this rally from 1007. I think a good target for this rally would be the gap fill 1024.5

opening price = 1026
session hi = 1029.75

Sellers able to contain the rally thus far at 1017. We'll probably need to see additional buyers step in in order to continue this rally.
Otherwise, a re-test of 1010.5 will be the next logical move.
KB - Thanks again for sharing your Kools Tools methodology. I have been using it for several months now for trading the CL and it has really helped me improve my performance. Again, sincere thanks!
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What a great disappointment if you stop sharing your posts. I just found this website and have finally started making money following your entries and exits. Please continue sharing with all of us.
Originally posted by koolblue

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Please let it not be your last post, I enjoy reading your analysis.

Everyone, vote up KoolBlue's chart analysis so that he will continue to post it.
looking to buy 1010.5
This lines up nicely w/ KoolBlue's fib projections (1010.75 - 1010.25)
Keep posting, I am learning from you and your moves are good, new to this, don't stop!
While I cannot concieve following calls without understanding the method used, I too am trying to study your methods as time permits. I also understand the need to focus on your trades. When your time permits, I appreciate your posts. Happy trading.
Thanks Nigel, I missed that from the chart:

last post, going to keep trading not posting... no one pays it much mind anyway! good luck gang!

@koolblue - you have plenty of silent followers. Keep posting!

Also, look at your reputation on the Members List - as I type this you are the second most voted for trader on this site which means that other traders here think that what you are posting is high quality.
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