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Determining direction of the day

Hi All,

Perhaps someone has some ideas to offer on this question:
"If the direction of the day is defined as the general trend from open to close, what might be a good formula or way to determine it?"

notes to clarify:
Up Direction:
1. Today (22 Jul 10) was strongly up (to 1093 area) from the open (1078.25), then flat along the top, and then a dip down at the close (1086 area). So today I call a long "T top" day. For my question, then I don't really mean include the dip down at the end. That is I would ignore the move to 1086 area. (Close was 1088.50 ES Sept contract).

Examples of Flat direction:
2. Some days are "V" days and some "^" (caret) days. These open and close roughly even with a peak trough around the middle of the day.
Some days are "Up N" or "Down N" so for this question I would consider them flat days. (up N will be positive from O:C and Down N negative from O:C -nut there is no consistent trend.

So at this point in the question I'm not sure if adding more blocks possible ideas or adds to them but I'll give one area I am looking at:

Pre open midarea (e.g. Vwap 7:30am to 8:30am) compared to the O/n mid point (H+L/2).

(as a cavet to those who feel they must answer with things like "There is no way to determine it", etc. PLEASE DO NOT POST! Others who might be more timid about offering me an idea for investigation might not post for fear of sounding foolish.
Also: People who don't think and answer off the cuff - PLEASE DO NOT POST.)

I am looking for any ideas from positive people - don't worry if it is eccentric (you can PM me if you like!).

Many thanks in advance to all positive, helpful replies.

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Margaret Brennan wearing red

Margaret Brennan wearing red
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