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Crude oil 7-26-10

First, let me re-visit some longer term stuff for perspective: a look at seasonals=
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crude sesonals

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crude sesonals 2
conclusion: looking closely , it would appear that both charts seem to be somewhat bullish in posture, but call for an important low in late July. Is last weeks enough? The 64000 question...
A look thru Prechters eyes: (so it probably wont happen! lol)...
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crude ewi
And from kools tools :
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daily crude
Be advised that crude has been tracking the es fairly well, and that index may begin to retreat as soon as tues!...Also its due for a major low sep-oct! .. So you could also make the case for a huge head n shoulders forming or even a large bear flag! The next 2 weeks should provide some clearer answers!
Good morning!...selling here at 78.90!...
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Tried to exit at the 1.618 on the one min at 78.71! too slow! order in too late! ugh!
Covering here!
out at 78.67!... note: my actual entry was 78.88, not 21 cents!
There is some support around 78.54, but more at 78.42
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cl 09 10 7262010 5 min
I wish I could! I am not at all proficient in that type of thing but I have asked someone at sierra to do it. He said he would but only if he has permission to use the original code. So far the author(s) have not responded.
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