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Crude oil 7-26-10

First, let me re-visit some longer term stuff for perspective: a look at seasonals=
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crude sesonals

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crude sesonals 2
YEAH BUT FIRST ONE MIN PRO UP IS 79.22(78.72-78.91)
Originally posted by koolblue

YEAH BUT FIRST ONE MIN PRO UP IS 79.22(78.72-78.91) 79.19 enough?...maybe ..i had an order to sell 79.21
short from 79.21... stop at 79.35
looking to exit just above the 78.83 current 2.618 down ,one min proj
got to go. good luck. Kool, the zip code you sent only works for ninja. Trying to convert it for use in sierra charts.
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POINT IS: this 79.32-79.40 area is a good resistance zone.. and when you add the fact that es just hit my upside number for them at 1008 50 (short term anyway) there are good odds of a short up here... at least thats the way i see it
on the downside , the red avg is at 79.04, and the current 1 min proj down is 78.98, where there is 5 min air(singles) and the 5 min lower prc band...beyond that einsteins 78.54 comes into play
Direct hit on 78.98!!!! out at 79.01 from 79.21 wow.. another 2 bills in the bank!.. gettin some lunch ..back soon
7927-7913 >>> 7890
I wish I could! I am not at all proficient in that type of thing but I have asked someone at sierra to do it. He said he would but only if he has permission to use the original code. So far the author(s) have not responded.
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