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Crude oil 7-26-10

First, let me re-visit some longer term stuff for perspective: a look at seasonals=
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crude sesonals

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crude sesonals 2
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

7927-7913 >>> 7890
yup 5 min proj ...have the same, then comes 78.62 if it breaks
next stop 78.62-66?
KB - I am not seeing where you are getting to the .60s from. Off 7927 or 7933? TY.
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SORRY BOUT THE CONFUSION, IN MY HASTE TO CALL THE MARKET FOR OTHERS ,I LOOK AT THE 1 MIN 5 MIN AND 30 MIN CONSTANTLY, GIVING THESE MINOR NUMBERS SO IF SOMEONE IS IN A POSITION THEY KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT.. IE: they wouldnt be surprised to see a bounce there, but i admit i tend to overdue it and probably cause more confusion in the long run!...sorry
shorts have to be cautious here as we hit the lower prc band on the 5 min chart and are holding at the grey 100 ema avg... so even if it wants lower it may need a bounce or at least more time...
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BINGO! 79.15...
If you are able to code it for Sierra would you pls post the results under Trading Strategies and Setups TIA RBURNS
I wish I could! I am not at all proficient in that type of thing but I have asked someone at sierra to do it. He said he would but only if he has permission to use the original code. So far the author(s) have not responded.
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