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ES Short Term Trading 8-5-2010

Range Based S/R

R1 = 1129.50
S1 = 1108.75
R2 = 1132.875
S2 = 1105.375

Steenbarger Pivot = 1122.00
Wow glad i just got up.

When range air filled I just got re-short at 24 and covered at 21.75 in 30seconds. 21.50 is no longer valid for price proj. New one came in at 18.75 (19 is where this move just turned). Everything happened way to quick, I tried to get a chart up for you guys. Now we got air at 22.5, if we break 19.75 I think we can get it

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2010 08 05 toscharts
Thanks RB...many expecting a bullish response tomorrow...we'll see

further downsdie is that 16.75 number that somebody protected YD for anyone that may be trying for more downside

Lowest volume point on Histogram is 21.50..If this was the day session I'd be trying to get long down here for the retest. We'll be watching where we open in the day session for a clue. We may just have another consolidation unless we get some signs that somebody is positioning in front of that report
thanks SJ...triples from YD at 18 even.....I think day session if not O/N will break them
if low of 18.25 holds price projects up to vah 24.25, and then to high of 28.

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2010 08 05 toscharts
pit session single prints from yesterday's pit low from 16.25-16.75
they just ran YD triple....without me on board

They don't keep triples around for too long but trading for them is a differnt story.....hard to hold sometimes
consolidations are tough as there are just too many freakin numbers today...I'm going to see what happens with volume in RTH
final #;s I'm using

14.75 - 16.75...prefer to buy into that support


so my Ideal trade would be to buy support early and target the 20- 21 area
Here is 30 min projection.

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No problem Lorn, msg me if need any help
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