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ES short term trading 8-25-10

They've kept it symmetric O/N ahead of the 8:30 a.m. reports. So the center of the range will be important,,,basically the 51.25 - 52.50 area. Below we have 39 - 40 and above we 59 - 60 which I thought would have printed Yesterday. Further up we have 65 - 67.50.
thanks for the reply, will look at your answer in detail and let you know if i have any questions....thanks again

Originally posted by BruceM

hello and welcome...see the running the triples thread but in general the triples are 3 , 5 minute bars in a row.....they formed today right at yesterdays Vwap and POC and they come back to test vwap and POC often when broken....I also had that price I was watching from yesterday which was 51.25 so I had plenty of reasons for a Possible retest......there was also an air pocket on the one minute down adding was a bit agressive but justifyable...hope that helps
Originally posted by apk781

hi bruce, i am rather new in this forum; have been following the discussion for a bit but could you elaborate a bit on the reason you added and where the triples were? thanks

Originally posted by BruceM

hopefully everyone saw where the triples were and the reason for my add

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