ES short term trading 01/07/11

Some numbers for today's trading.

1266.25 - 1268.00 -1273.50 - 1277.00 - 1281.00

I'm still looking for 1277.00 as first objective and 1281.00 as second objective.

The above will be void if the ES moves below 1266.25.

Below 1266.25 - 1262.50 - 1258.00.

ES trading 1270.00 @ 03:02

Will see, in due time the market will show us the way.
this was my trade this morning selling at 75 with a target of 64.50.
looks like there is a structure to close or complete the mountain down around 62. should be clear to move up from that level
well i tried to upload the chart... here it is again
Click image for original size
es 03 11 172011 60 min
Wow, great trade... but im nervous as hell... just got a fill...see what i mean?
sorry about the mistype, i sold at 73.75 not 75.. stop was at 75. my bad.
And yes Kool.. been nervous all morning about the trade but it was the one that made the most sense
Still, well done . Im going to use a 2 point stop here cause i dont trust this thing. long from 1264.00
Man my stop is in but was placed after we already hit 1261.75! Not good.. Clearly she wants lower!
Im going to have to get real lucky now... next touch of 1272.00 kills me!
if you're looking at a 5 minute candle stick chart, you should see a hammer which would signal a reversal is coming. i am looking to buy any retest at 62 or below
Whwew! out at break even!.... Now you see why its SO HARD to post and manage a trade at the same time! I now prefer 1260.25 for a long entry , but im not sure ill last much longer so it'll have to hit soon!
Kool, looks like a pull back to 65-65.25 what do you think?
No I haven't lorn but will take a look.....mostly I like this as a basic filter for mean reversion and to find a way to hold final runners longer...

I was once told that the big players will look not only at where we close on the daily time frame but also the 30 and 60 minute closes...not sure if it's true.....this concept also can be compared to some of the concepts of the 80% market profile rule which is not a rule that really works...just one of those things that gets passed along the internet