ES short term trading 1-19-11

Without question the key zone to watch is 90.50 - 92 that includes pivot numbers, the breakout from yesterday late in the day, MP numbers, the close clusters, O/N low and last weeks highs

above that is 96 - 98 area...yd highs and R1 area...

what I'm leaning towards is selling try and target all those left over triples from yesterday ultimately but making sure we start taking something off in front of that key basically sells above 92 ...will watch volume and $tick as usual
That's it for me trading against the trend. Gave back more than I wanted today. Will see. Staying out for now.
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Back from lunch and found out got stp out. Trying again here at a bounce from S2 1278.50. stp 1278.00. Same objectives as before.
Will see if works out.

ES trading 1279.75 @ 14:36
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ES found support at 1279.00 (Close to 1278.50) I'm long 1279.75. Stp 1278.50.
Objective 1287.75 and possibly the PP. 1290.75. Some resistance at 1282.50.
Overcoming 1282.50 will target the first objective.
Will see if works out. If it does, I think the objectives will be late in the session.

Stp is in place, will go for lunch now.........

ES trading 1280.50 @ 13:23
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Notice that ES is zig-zagging as usual at a important support area, as it is yesterday's low.

If the ES was to move above 1285,75, then the PvP will be the objective.

Below, the failure point for the test as support (zig-zags room to oscillate) will be 1279.75 and will target 1274/1275 area.

ES trading 1283.50 @ 10:58
ES is trying to find support here near yesterday's low. I like for it to move down and test the recent low 1281.25, or at list move down near it. If finding support in this area I will go long over 1282.75 (yesterday's low) and the objective will be the PP.

The stp will be at 1280.75.

ES trading @ 1282.575 11:44

Will see, in due time the market will show me the way.
There it's, ES moved down to test the prev. low 1281.25 and failed. 1278.50 is next support. Time for lunch. hmmm

ES trading 1280.50 @ 12:34

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perfect hit on 78.50..the mypivots site has that as S2 today based on O/N data..FWIW

not the greatest sign that they haven't been able to get a close back inside the 60 minute low and recent tests up can't even trade to the 60 minute low...

It will be interesting to see when the market changes a bit and all declines aren't bought up right away...

and thanks Kool for posting the work over the had the bearish case mapped out for us..
I tried friend! Thx, its good to know someone was paying attention
How do you get the arching bands on your charts kool?
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How do you get the arching bands on your charts kool?
they're called polynomial regression cycle bands. I'd be happy to send it to you but it only works on ninjatrader.