ES short term trading 1-28-11

If you refer to yesterdays 9:16 post showing the projection off of the low, and the 9:36 post also i refer to the 1298.50 level.. it should come as no surprise that once again we just made a marginal new high at 1298.50 .. currently short from 1298.25 trying for 1295.50.... beyond that,my analysis of the last few days and weeks APPEARS TO BE IN FORCE, SO I WONT RE- HASH IT TODAY. The upper channel line i showed yesterday looks to be around 1301.50 currently. Still looking for sideways to up thru tues next week!
Weekly profile for RTH session.

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Something very intriguing is todays O/N sessions has broken yesterdays RTH highs and lows by just a little bit! Curious to see if we get some range expansion today...
playing for complete gap fill but hoping to add on at higher push up first in RTH
ON Profile.

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Well i was busy trying to help a friend in the currency market on the first decline and missed it!.. but this time i got my one off at 1296.25, plus 2 handles there.. stop now at break even on the runner. Still targeting 1294.50 or so , but exit remains early at 1295.50...
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Grrr.. just stopped on my runner at 1298.50... really should have jumped out on both i guess.. (ps to newbies.. that invalidates the down projection originally from 1298.50).. back soon
new short campaign from 99.50 print...reports coming and this could be a breakout so lite on contracts
had 3 on and took all off at 96 even.......waiting now
94.25 is price on watching for 30 minute close....key report price from 8:30 reports
A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS...I thought your chart looked "clean"..thanks for posting it