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ES short term trading 1-28-11

If you refer to yesterdays 9:16 post showing the projection off of the low, and the 9:36 post also i refer to the 1298.50 level.. it should come as no surprise that once again we just made a marginal new high at 1298.50 .. currently short from 1298.25 trying for 1295.50.... beyond that,my analysis of the last few days and weeks APPEARS TO BE IN FORCE, SO I WONT RE- HASH IT TODAY. The upper channel line i showed yesterday looks to be around 1301.50 currently. Still looking for sideways to up thru tues next week!
Well that was a major dump. Notice how the open and close prices of the 30 min bars are coming around the major nodes of the week off the profile.

Click image for original size
TICK extremely weak through this and so far remaining so...meaning equity selling continues.
i am at work so don't have access to my regular charts but looking at it looks like it should bottom, here is the 88-85 range and i have placed a call to buy here 87.50 going long and holding for 94/95
weekly pivot at 82 ....and weekly open below that near 79...too hard to typwe now

Having wrist problems again Bruce?

Originally posted by BruceM

weekly pivot at 82 ....and weekly open below that near 79...too hard to typwe now
sorry here's the chart
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well i was stopped out. that's always fun. i guess i will wait until i have a more clear direction of the markets.
Click image for original size
Click image for original size
A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS...I thought your chart looked "clean"..thanks for posting it
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