ES Short Term Trading 02-16-2011

Here is the developing RTH profile. So far most of the volume is right around that HVN (green line) at 1326.25.

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my views as published on the weekend preview have'nt changed... i missed the 1332.75 but sold shortly therafter at 1332.00..
from the weekend preview..."koolblue

Posted - 02/13/2011 : 06:45:13

"SUMMARY: Though much higher prices may be seen over the next couple weeks and months, next week, i'm looking for a short term peak by Tues,(especially looking at 1333 and change, 1336.50 and 1341ish as potential short scalps."
Im going to take one off at 1330.50, thinking it will go to 1330.25 or 1330.00 before much rebound and then i can get some sleep. If that should happen i'll be holding the runner for 1328.00 (looking for at least 1327.50.)i'll also lower my stop to 1333.50 for a no risk trade on the runner. If stopped and im up in time i'll likely be looking to sell my preferred target of 1336.50 or so!...
O/N Profile.

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30 min projection from YD's low.

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WELL, HERE WE ARE.. stopped on my runner of course . Looking to sell up here.
I'm going to try for 1336.75.
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took a stab at time and price projection.

Took a stab at time and price projection
Anybody out there playing the long side today?... if we continue down i'll probably attempt a buy at 1331.00, Lorns beginning of the O/N high vol. area.
(nice chart B brad)Note Lorns chart also the 1330.50 or 1331.00 areas
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Slumber well Kool and thanks to all