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ES Short Term Trading 02-16-2011

Here is the developing RTH profile. So far most of the volume is right around that HVN (green line) at 1326.25.

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Besides the averages i pointed out it also bothered me that the nas (which usually leads the spx!) was up a higher percentage than the spx! Well at least we got a good 9 handle correction off that 1336! I'm probably going to try another short soon hoping for a late sell-off today!...Be advised fed min get released at 2:00 est today!
im going to sell 1334.50, but the fed news could blow me away! So again... a risky trade!
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Originally posted by koolblue

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UGH! You see the projection was 1334.00 which missed by one tick, but i was hoping for a small overshoot! Anyway... still even on the day ..still watching
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es 03 11 2162011

my post may be late
Well, im going to get some sleep... but be advised im still very negative on the rest of this week.. i think there is a good chance we saw a good short term peak at 1336!... Cya!
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es 03 11 2162011 1 min

Slumber well Kool and thanks to all
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