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ES Numbers for 3-01-11

key numbers

1335 - 1336 volume in O/N and O/N high - also an old gap there

1327.50 - volume from YD and O/N low - VA high too

1323 - 1322 - volume yesterday and weekly open

1319 - yesterdays low

1314.75 key volume from Friday and Sundays O/N session

Reports at 10 with passion!!

\I prefer shorts for gap fill today as we have had two consecutive unfilled up gaps
taking one off at 1315.00, and holding the runner for now.. stop raised to 1312.50
hoping for 1318-19.25 eventually....
Originally posted by koolblue

taking one off at 1315.00, and holding the runner for now.. stop raised to 1312.50
..but because the 5 min red avg is at 1316.50 i'll likely bail there... then i can sleep!
Click image for original size
Click image for original size
1310 was the last number on my imediate time frame.....these same numbers where posted here yesterday on this thread

I'm certainly not bragging just pointing out how volume gets price attracted back to it . This is for those who may be new to this forum or some of the volume ideas.

I think there is a thread on volume as attractors somewhere out here.
the biggest volume number generated from today falls at the 1317.50 - 1318.25 area...there are also single prints that haven't filled in yet at the same spot which gets back to the idea I mentioned earlier
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