ES numbers 3-3-11

I have a small short working from 1318.25 in O/N...most know how crappy my O/N trades are...LOL but the point is the NUMBERS !

1317 - 1318 was a volume point from Tuesdays sell-off mentioned a few times already.

above that is 1323.50 - 1325 for volume

13.75 is a O/N VOLUME number not as important but it is my target

outside of that we have 1310 and then the big volume at

1307.50.. that is where the biggest volume spike was from Wednesdays trade.

Big report at 8:30 so we will get a volume node from that and probably some new additional swing points, but for now this is the key volume areas where somebody with more money than us is playing the market
the numbers stay the same for Friday

22.50 - 23
27.50 - O/N low for friday is here now too

and the O/N high at 34.25
Never got picked up yesterday obviously. Looking to be picked up short around 1320, first target 1307-secondary target 1303. Let's see what the day brings.

Good fortune to all.
sold into the 30 number and will sell higher if is 27.75
with two numbers of volume so close I'm not expecting the atomic flush down into 23 area that quickly if at I'm not holding beyond 27.25...using an all out strategy right now

the two volume nodes are 27.50 and 30...just too close together
I mean how cool is volume? Ya gotta luv it !! Ya just gotta......great they way the jerked it around our 27.50 and then nailed the 22 - 23 area...and look at the volume that came in there...

other volume is down at 18.50 and then 13.75 and 1310 but that would assume a trend day which I'm not expecting
taking a small long at 20 to try for 22.50 retest
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Just sold 1318 (finally) to 1314.25. Don't know if 14.00 is necessarily buy, but I have to leave so I toggled out. Good luck all!
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Well,look, friends, anything can happen ,of course, but the 5 day avg range on the es is 23.95 handles and 1334.50-23= 1311.50 , so simply from an odds standpoint ,if we didnt just see the daily low ,it'll likely be dam close!

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