ES numbers 3-3-11

I have a small short working from 1318.25 in O/N...most know how crappy my O/N trades are...LOL but the point is the NUMBERS !

1317 - 1318 was a volume point from Tuesdays sell-off mentioned a few times already.

above that is 1323.50 - 1325 for volume

13.75 is a O/N VOLUME number not as important but it is my target

outside of that we have 1310 and then the big volume at

1307.50.. that is where the biggest volume spike was from Wednesdays trade.

Big report at 8:30 so we will get a volume node from that and probably some new additional swing points, but for now this is the key volume areas where somebody with more money than us is playing the market
Sell order at 1325.25 (3 ticks below 1326.00) by then hopefully we'll have cleared the hurdle.
had to exit at 28.50 as we had that double top.....will look again after new highs print....and definately if/when 31 prints
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we had a minus 700 $tick and all they could do was test that previous 30 minute bars low...then close above the open...I was too slow on my exit there

1327.50 is now the key number so any fades up here above 1330.50 will need to target that ..standing by for more info up here....fading is an agressive idea up here

we need to obey structure go test of open and we broke out of O/N high immediately somewhat of a trend so far
31 - 31.50 is the trend days open range for those who'd like a reference...and what started the entire down draft this week
I sold 31.50 on a volume and $tick divergence but this is a trend so I'm not as is 28.75....we'll see ..
here is how that looked in my simple world......this was also a key number the 31.50......this gonna need help though
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took two off at 29.50 print...and holding obvious push back up to highs will end this for me
flat at 29.25 ...that tested support and I'm not giving it back today
as per volume we have 27.50 and 30 as volume spikes that are closest to current price...below that is the big one at 22.50 which is right near the weekly open of that is thee critical zone going forward
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