ES numbers 3-3-11

I have a small short working from 1318.25 in O/N...most know how crappy my O/N trades are...LOL but the point is the NUMBERS !

1317 - 1318 was a volume point from Tuesdays sell-off mentioned a few times already.

above that is 1323.50 - 1325 for volume

13.75 is a O/N VOLUME number not as important but it is my target

outside of that we have 1310 and then the big volume at

1307.50.. that is where the biggest volume spike was from Wednesdays trade.

Big report at 8:30 so we will get a volume node from that and probably some new additional swing points, but for now this is the key volume areas where somebody with more money than us is playing the market
ok so report volume came in at the 18 area so that is a key number as already mentioned.....yesterday they pushed out th eovernight high to go for the volume above if the same happens today they may try and push for the 23 - 25 area....those will be the IDEAL shorts for me

I'm gonna hold these two now and will sell higher up at that zone mentioned in Day session...

we also didn't have a gap fill yesterday with a higher today we have another gap higher open

I didn't mention this earlier but the volume in O/N at 13.75 is just because of Yesterdays RTH magic there and will be a key number and my target...

remember we are still inside the range from we may still consolidate
we gotta see some $ticks breaking down...or else we are in trouble up here........
report at 10 again
todays volume theory would be looking at the 23.50 - 25 to be rejected back to the 1318 volume but they don't always just repel these areas right away..the volume attracts price.......hopefully everyone saw the air that was generated into the 1325 number and you actually TOOK the trade short
I'm taking something off at 21.50 because that is near O/N high and the Volume that formed from TODAYS trade
hopefully some noticed how the YM made new highs while the $tick and ES didn't....we have potential to catch a good trend today so trying to hold something short...but may just be plain wrong today..

we opened out of value but we still need to resolve that O/N high and get a close below there....hour range will complete soon...

Obvious battle between the volume that formed from todays trade on that opening one minute bar and that volume that was generated on Tuesday...

I will be very cautious on any fade above the hour highs if it comes....they may just run it up and I don't want to get caught ..I prefer to see the hour lows run first and a 30 minute close below the O/N high...
If I get lucky then my final two targets will be the 1318.50 and then 13.75.......hour is done....hard holds up here as we cannot get back to the OR high yet...
It certainly looks overheated about now. One time framing (60M)will end below 1326 and I will short there looking to test the open.

Good luck to all.
I'm short 28.25 mike but will watch a 30 minute close above 31.25....I agree that we need to come back down a bit and test a previous 30 minute low at least and we have "Doubles" at our key zone at is as good a time as any.....I hope...LOL!
lots of volume at that 26.25 Big Mike....that is my initial target...
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