Multi-Display USB DVI VGA HDMI Adapter

Day traders often need to see multiple forms of content at the same time. The Multi-Display USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA or HDMI Adapter ( by Sabrent ( allows the use of multiple monitors from one computer tower or laptop without the need to open the computer and install additional hardware (one adapter needed per monitor). This is the ultimate in multitasking, enabling you to open trading software, analytical software, new sources, email, chat programs, and even Bloomburg TV on the a variety of screens while keeping everything open and visible so you can access your information at a single glance.

Simply install the software, plug the device a USB port, and plug the additional monitor into the monitor port of the adapter. Most notebook computers only come with one or two video out ports, using your two existing video out ports you can now have a total of eight monitors to spread your work across. You can even extend applications, such as Excel, across multiple platforms allowing for easy access to your data. This easy to install device will both increase your productivity and make managing multiple screens of data easier. The Tiger Direct price is $49.99.

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usb dh88
Thanks for your thoughtful and well written post Jim.

I agree with everything that you've said. We are all a bit battle weary in here and we do assume guilty until proven innocent.

It seems that this topic is NOT spam but it did have all the trademarks of a spam post. Unfortunately, forums, the internet, etc. are such that this type of post is usually spam and so those that assume spam are correct more often than not.

You probably remember the early days when we got strung along for weeks by spammers with less than stellar intentions. I haven't seen that happen for years now.

However, you are correct, we do need to assume innocence and try and foster a more convivial environment for new members. Thanks again.
Guys, this is spam. You're putting way too much thought and justification into it. I've seen this post on other trading forums and it's gone a couple hours later once its being reported as spam. I suggest closing/deleting this thread and starting a new legit thread to discuss multi-monitor display setups. It's kind of silly to keep responding to a spammers thread.
Well, I'm not opposed to locking this thread at this point, but I'd hate to see it deleted, as all the concepts we discussed in here would be gone, and no one else could learn about being maybe just a little more tolerant of new members until they prove they are scamming the forum. But, as much as most don't think any of this was worth two seconds of thought (I'm a big 'overthinker'), I'll still forever wonder who benefits from the effort of a SPAM like this?

'Big' companies really do SPAM forums like this where, at best, they might make $100 of total profit from all the sales they might get from it? Sure, if they pay someone just a few dollars to do it it's still net overall positive, but would a company that perhaps grosses millions in sales really post to a half dozen forums to stir up an extra few hundred dollars in sales? I was just trying to understand the logic behind all this. I guess I won't be able to ever find an answer to that.
Yahoo Finance had an advertisment on these adapters today. Ebay has many of them, cheaper than the link posted on this thread.