Here goes...

Hi, guys!

So, having introduced myself, I want to share with you my trading strategy. For those who didn´t see my introduction, here´s a brief bio of mine:

- I´m 31 years old and been studing the markets in the past 2 years. So, 4 months ago I started to trade commodities CFDs (US Crude Oil) more precisely.

Here´s some information:

- Starting Money: €3000

- Best profit: €487

- Worse loss: -€507

- Balance: -€622

- Current Money: €2378

Well, I made mistakes, but fortunately I´ve learned! I´m much better controling my fear and my greed aswell. Some of them were...childish, plain unfucosed behavior. That´s why in those 4 months, I stoped for one and a half.

My strategy:

- (Short period) trend following;

- Chart analisys;

- Pay attention to max and min;

- 350 to 500 barrels per order - that will depend of the situation;

- Since I have not many money, I aimed for small profits, so my objective is to profit €100 to €150 per trade, with a maximum of €200 loss. As soon as I have about €5000, I´ll invest more per trade;

- I always use stop losses;

- Maximum of 3 trades per day;

- Try to keep informed about oil news (mainly at CNBC site);

- Recently I added MACD and MACD Histogram to my charts;

I learn more things, everyday.

So, feel free to comment my trading plan. It would be great to learn from you guys! :)

Here on DT's fine site is a link to brokers.

Check them out and investigate some of these brokers.

There are many decent stand alone charting software packages. Most will require a data feed in addition to the software. Here is a list for you to research.

Do some of your own investigating and then come back here with questions. There is tons of experience on this site and people will be happy to give you advice.

Thanks for the kind words Lorn. We took the structure of the broker's list that you just referred to and created one for software:

and another for books:
Yea great links DT.

Canis use the available resources on this site to do some research.
Thanks for you help, guys!

Well, I have most of these books. I´ll research more about these matters!