Here goes...

Hi, guys!

So, having introduced myself, I want to share with you my trading strategy. For those who didn´t see my introduction, here´s a brief bio of mine:

- I´m 31 years old and been studing the markets in the past 2 years. So, 4 months ago I started to trade commodities CFDs (US Crude Oil) more precisely.

Here´s some information:

- Starting Money: €3000

- Best profit: €487

- Worse loss: -€507

- Balance: -€622

- Current Money: €2378

Well, I made mistakes, but fortunately I´ve learned! I´m much better controling my fear and my greed aswell. Some of them were...childish, plain unfucosed behavior. That´s why in those 4 months, I stoped for one and a half.

My strategy:

- (Short period) trend following;

- Chart analisys;

- Pay attention to max and min;

- 350 to 500 barrels per order - that will depend of the situation;

- Since I have not many money, I aimed for small profits, so my objective is to profit €100 to €150 per trade, with a maximum of €200 loss. As soon as I have about €5000, I´ll invest more per trade;

- I always use stop losses;

- Maximum of 3 trades per day;

- Try to keep informed about oil news (mainly at CNBC site);

- Recently I added MACD and MACD Histogram to my charts;

I learn more things, everyday.

So, feel free to comment my trading plan. It would be great to learn from you guys! :)

So, guys, what´s your opinion? :)
I trade equities primarily ... but also the ES, which I use as a MAP for my equity trading both intraday and multi day. So, I don't have anything to offer, but you've posted some good questions and info. I'd hope others will give you some solid feedback here. Would love to see the red turn to green for you!!

Thanks, MM!

Hope your profits grow aswell!
Good luck for your trading. I traded CL and made some losses :) Now I trade only in ES for the last two months. This year I lost 10K and slowly recovered around 4K now. I trade two ES contracts daily (one or two trades per day) and my stop loss is 4 points and keep adjusting target according to market movements. From tomorrow I am planning to post my trade in the forum.

If possible, please post your CL trade whenever you enter and exit. This is a great site to learn technicals. Please check Kool tools.
Hello, I trade very actively the CL, some times more than 100 trades a day.

Please don't take this personally, this is just my humble opinion.


Please read the above sentence at least 5 times.

The CL will kill you FAST.

Thank you.
I have to agree with YSS here. Your account is simply too small. The odds of it disappearing are great, even greater since you are trading such a volatile instrument like the CL.

I can't really comment on your strategy as I don't get a good sense of what it is. Post some charts up for others to take a look at your trades.
Hey, guys!

Thank you for your feedback!


Thanks! I will post my entries and exits. And hope you increase your profits.


Yes, you have a point. I know I have little money for Commodities CFDs trading, but unfortunately all the other money I have are life savings. As you can imagine, I won´t use them. :) Nevertheless, many thanks for your opinion.

By the way, I have a question about initials. CL, ES, MAP stand for what?

CL is the symbol for the futures contract on Oil.
ES is the symbol for the futures contract on the S&P 500.

I take it you aren't actually trading futures but some kind of fund.
Originally posted by Lorn

CL is the symbol for the futures contract on Oil.
ES is the symbol for the futures contract on the S&P 500.

I take it you aren't actually trading futures but some kind of fund.

Hi, Lorn!

I didn´t know that. I´m trading Crude Oil (I know now that is CL), not ETFs. :)

Thanks for you help.
Canis Lupus,

This page has a bunch of contracts that the traders on this site mostly focus on:
Thanks for you help, guys!

Well, I have most of these books. I´ll research more about these matters!