ES numbers for 3-29-11

Numbers generated from todays trade based on volume

1312.50 volume spikes ****

1310.25 Volume spikes ****

1307 Volume spikes

Old ones you should have on your radar from previous days:

1300 - 1301


1291 - minor

1287.50 ****** major number

1282.25 ******
short 14 even...trying for the 12.50.......
will watch volume above 15.75 if it prints...that will create an OVB to the upside on the daily..this is second set of 30 minute air pockets/ statistically they don't leave two sets and the 1311.75 should print again...

we are above Mondays OR highs and the key we need to be aware of that up here too...air pockets are not filling in not adding up's late !!
BruceM, what is OVB, please?
flat at real clue from here but it certainly doesn't seem to want to go down...
one last try and that will be to sell if it comes back down to 13.50 now...
closed my short. took 1 pt loss.