ES numbers for 3-29-11

Numbers generated from todays trade based on volume

1312.50 volume spikes ****

1310.25 Volume spikes ****

1307 Volume spikes

Old ones you should have on your radar from previous days:

1300 - 1301


1291 - minor

1287.50 ****** major number

1282.25 ******
Bruce, please do not take me wrong. I would just like to see why our charts are out of sync, and not like PTs or Lorn's. Please continue posting what you see, so we all can "syncronize" our efforts.

As to questions that you may have, please ask away. If I know, I will try to answer. My Skype offer is still good.
I am in and out now during the day, dealing with basement waterproofing. I also will be away 10-23 April. Maybe we can connect before my trip.

Originally posted by BruceM

Lisa, I'm only posting delta to make sure I understand it...I'd like you to explain your charts more and would be glad to step aside from posting delta charts...I know it's tough while trading...
Thanks for that offer Lisa..I hope we can work something out...

I was wondering If you and Lorn could also post a 4 tic range chart Like PT posted and the one I posted for the same time period earlier this morning.

I'm running an older version of Investor R/t so my guess is that my numbers will be the least accurate. Now Lorn you use DTN/ IQ and that is suppose to be very accurate...anyway this offer goes out to really anyone who is using delta footprints/etc...please post a 4 tic range chart with the delta below from this morning..

From about 9:40 - 9:50 EST would be great...I'd like to see who matches up......
Originally posted by Lorn

Yea Lisa. Delta readings are very dependent on the data feed.

Even though you and Bruce both get data from the same place, the fact that data is packeted will cause different readings with even the smallest software changes.

It will be interesting to find out if it is still useful even though we get different readings...there must be some aspects of the footprint and analysis of the bid / ask information where it may not matter......something like your cummulative delta might matter more...
Originally posted by Lisa P

I find the difference in Delta reading from different posters very confusing. Bruce and I should have similar numbers, considering we both use IB, but that is not the case. Maybe our charts set up differently. Would be good to discuss .

Originally posted by BruceM

cool to watch how the volume is trying to build at 10.75...Lisa I'm showing 07.50 as POC from TOdays trade only but 1310.25 is POC from Yesterday....and we both have IB data...interesting

shorted @ 1313. looking for 2 points target. stop loss 3 points.
here is another way to look at it...again the context is VERY important...some visuals work better for each person..I haven't found mine yet..

we have a new low into the key zone and the Delta histogram shows a divergence...price makes a new low but histogram makes a higher low.

This all happens after the volume spike and then we see the big green delta up bar..and we go up..
Click image for original size
here is one that didn't work but if you were long it may have been used as an faders made no progress on this trade....again the context....1310.25 was a key number from yesterday...we had a big volume spike and delta then diverged...but the market never really rolled over to the downside
Click image for original size
Time 9:30 to 10

Click image for original size
2011 03 291411
here's one in progress and I am obviously not trading now....again the context....volume and delta spike into a key number the 1312.50..then delta has begun to diverge...
Click image for original size
thanks Lisa...looks like you and I don't match and neither of us match PT........Lets see what Lorn has when he has time....
I don't subscribe to the bid/ask format for my IR/T so I can't show you the same looking chart you three have. This one I think is as close to the range as you are looking at with delta plotted at the bottom.

Click image for original size
closed my short. took 1 pt loss.