ES 3-31-2011

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Last day of the quarter!

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the other volume spike from yesterday was at 20.50 but I considered that minor....but it is obvious support so far....and it surprised me....because it was so small....the 24.50 was/is critical

and Lisa showed on her chart that sellers are there...

Optimus I'll write much more later...

I'm hoping to sell to you Kool.....back to 24.75 stops this out.....a good day considering a 5 -6 point range so far...context favors being quick or dead today...I favor quick!!
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yeah, Bruce, the only thing bothering me is do they hold at 1322.25? or push to 1319.75? (also the prc band on the 13 min)
i guess the wiser play is to wait for 1319.75...if they take it back up to 1324.25-1325 first tho i'll sell also!
bingo onthe 1322 proj... now a small bounce up is likely, but im basing my 1319 and change opinion o the fact that the tech indicators on the 5 and 13 min have a ways to go for oversold and that area would also be a better fit than the shallow 1322 level for a buy scalp!.. btw, expecting a somewhat mish-mash trading day today.. new highs over yesterdays 1327 but no real 'trend day' up or down
order to buy is at 1319.75...
Originally posted by koolblue

order to buy is at 1319.75...

changing buy to 1320.00..too much vol at 1319.75!..i'll ever get a fill!
still no real buying even on this little attempt to push it up!..we aint done yet!...
note... a red( more selling than buying!) on that green up bar we just had!...
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Originally posted by koolblue

somehow,pal, we really need to consolidate all of our 'teaching' dialogues... and other folks also. P.T.'s had a few , Paul,Lorns,etc and put them all in one easy place to find! Im pretty good at finding stuff and would be willing to spend a weekend doing it, if D.T. agrees, but i fear if we dont, in a couple months,or a year it'll be hard to find(in effect lost!). Another good example is Charter Joes mini ib method... I feel it would be invaluable to newer traders!... thx again!

I can certainly help with that. I wonder if the dictionary would be the right place to put it? The site is setup so that I can auto-link certain words to the dictionary - as most of you already know. So if we came up with names for the strategies, setups, methods and techniques then we could add each one of them to the dictionary as a distinct item and then auto-link them from here. For example, we could call one "Bruce's Air" and that would link to something like this:
which was taken from something that Bruce wrote.

It seems to be the most obvious place to collect the information. Also the dictionary also has a fast lookup search bar.

If you want to experiment with this idea try and add one from here:
and I'll help clean it up and then add the auto-link words.

Good idea and great stuff guys!