ES 4-7-11

ghost town today..starting short s at 34.50..Volume spike.....into old VPOC...33 is inititial target
Level where we met sellers
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2011 04 071006
cool Lisa...nice of them to meet me...LOL..trying for 31.50 on runners...

That was bunch of 5 minute bars straight air pockets etc....and 34 was a key price...hopefully some replayed Yesterdays session to see that VPOC
flat on last two runners at 23.75.....close enough to the evil 24.50 and sometimes we just get lucky

EDIT :I took two off at 31.25 and these last where just skill on my part
7.4 earthquake in japan...
Lisa, r u using a 6 tic reversal chart...? gonna try an experiment now with MD......could you tell me the specific setting and time frame

I thought it ws 5 or 6 tic and then I select REVERSAL in MD but that is just a guess...
that 34 area stayed as peak volume for nine - 30 minute periods it was thee area to watch ..just pointing that out
Bruce, here are the settings, now with the
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2011 04 071059
just for reference if you played yesterday back you would had 3 key prices




again tight ranges so not as valuable to me but you can see how we opened at the 29.75 today and went straight up into the other ones

currently today we have 1333 and it seems as thoughthey may need to check out 27.25 again and build volume there...

not planning on doing a volume play by play so only pointing those out for anyone following
thanks Lisa...and this last question is for anyone familiar with footprints etc..

Have you had any luck filtering the data as DR. Brett does...He filters so only the big traders show up of 250 or more....

Your screen shot inspired that question so thanks again Lisa
Thank you very much Day Trader. I will check them out over the weekend. Appreciate the sharing nature of the forums here. Have a solid trading day and a great weekend coming up!!