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We are two guys looking for one possibly two more traders to join us in trading via the internet mikgo and telephone line we trade the SP and Nasdaq Eminies our requirement to join this room are. 1 be at least one year full time day trader. 2. Must be in the green or at least break even. 3. Have a minimum account of $25,000 4. Be ready to share all study materials
It is not guarantee that you will make money by joining us but I guarantee that you will avoid costly mistakes and save money we have an experience of two years in day trading we are in the green since the time we trade together we are trying to expand this trading room just in case when one of us is sick and can’t trade or has a personal problems. Hope to find the right trader. Please PM me with your phone number and email address (by the way we are from New Jersey area)
I don't get it.

Why in the hell would a profitable trader join you in a chat room ?

I trade on my own, I have no desire to chat during the times I make money. That's just ridiculous.
YSS I greatly appreciate your knowledge of the market and your experience in trading I also understand your reasons why you don’t want to join us in trading but you have to understand that not everyone here is on your level or trade the amount of contracts you do, You mentioned once before your commission to your broker amounted to $100,000 last year, for a trader that is relatively new to the market and still struggle. to join us in trading will not guarantee his/her success but will guarantee them avoid stupid mistakes I know it from a personal experience, I am also sure that if you will go back and check your record you will find many mistakes you could avoid had you had a trading partner my suggestion to you is go get one
I understand, but when I first read your message it sounded like both of you were profitable.

PS: Size matters
I ain't the most brilliant feller in the world ... but sumpthin' smells funny in here ... everybody check the bottom of your shoes, just in case ... don't wanna get anythang on the rug.
Yss if you read my post carefully you will find that I asked a trader to join us if he/she is in the green or BREAK EVEN the reason I placed this requirement is I am afraid that if a trader is a looser he will drag everyone down with him. if you are in the green and doing OK on your own by all means stay that way but if anyone in this forum feel they can give and take help from us please join me
sumpin' still stanks funny-like ... dunno if it's roadkill ... or maybe I didn't clean my tradin' boots off good 'nuff this mornin' ... just wunderin'

Quaint, slightly-weathered, trading shop ... perhaps a fixer-uper with huge potential!

Click image for original size
trading house

Equipped with two 2600 baud modems and dual chamber pots. Also, filled with cutting edge technologicallicaly computing device for tracking market price.


Must have at least certificate of 6th grade passage or beyond ... degree in nuclear physics preferred. All resumes reviewed!
A quick peek inside ... just so you know how f'ing serious we are about finding someone to trade with us ... as we pretty much made a Trillion in the ES last month. Hope this brings out the love, hope and drive of y'all who wanna actually get sucked into the vortex of whatever you'd describe as WORSE that your own description of trading HELL. All good ... it's only uphill (or downhill) after you JOIN US YOU CRAZY MOTOR SCOOTER!

Click image for original size
trading house inside

PM us with your willing desire to sign up for for what's best described/sung by good ol' Bonn Scott and AC/DC's ... Highway to Hell!
Monkey. you’re right, you ain’t the most brilliant in the world…....the only sumpthing funny here is your picture

I seriously question your motive in your response
Ain't about my monkey motive ... it's about anyone's motive that's posted here or anywhere else with what's been laid out on this topic as something this monkey and perhaps others find funky. Gotta love your trading setup, as pictured above ... I've got another 2600 baud modem and my great grandma's chamber pot that I'll toss your way for a small fee. All good, ain't it.

Peace Love, Flowers and Wild Monkey Flips to You!

Originally posted by khamore1

Monkey. you’re right, you ain’t the most brilliant in the world…....the only sumpthing funny here is your picture

I seriously question your motive in your response
Trust a random person, when the professional trader should be able to raise capital on his own and do VERY WELL.
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